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Fitting In a Work Out at Your Charlestown Crossing Apartment

The Apartments at Charlestown Crossing Blog, North East, MD  Enjoy working out in our 24-hour fitness center. Get out of your apartment for some exercise!

It can be difficult to fit exercise into a busy schedule. Luckily for you, there’s a 24-hour state-of-the-art fitness center just outside your apartment door. The Apartments at Charlestown Crossing has great equipment for you to use to get in shape. If you need some help getting started, then you’ve come to the right place. Read on for tips and tricks to start a fitness plan and to stay motivated throughout that plan.


Make a plan.

One big reason for brushing aside exercise is a busy schedule. Plus, when you do have free time, you might want to spend it relaxing. But commit to an active lifestyle by putting aside, say, thirty minutes for physical activity so you can relax after. Figure out when will be easiest for you to exercise, and try that out until it feels more like a natural part of your day. You may need to experiment to find the best times and days that work for you.  Write it into your schedule so it becomes a part of your weekly routine.


Start small, but do it regularly.

Assessing your fitness level can help you know where you’re at now and help you plan realistic goals for what you want to accomplish with your fitness goals. Simply starting is a huge thing, and it can be challenging to do even that much, so if you relate to that, start small. You will work up to more challenging levels as your body adjusts. But that will only happen if you exercise regularly. Consistency will help your body get used to and even crave the activity each day, which keeps you on the path to success.


Track your progress.

Whether you mark your progress in a notebook or use a Fitbit, tracking what you are accomplishing is a great way to reinforce the choice you made to exercise. It creates motivation on those days you just want to pull the covers over your head instead of going to work out.


Reward yourself.

Be sure to reward yourself for your hard work. What the reward is doesn’t matter as much as giving yourself a reward. Whether that’s a healthy post-workout smoothie, money in a jar, or equal time playing video games — whatever works for you — rewards help us continue behaviors until the behavior becomes self-rewarding. Plus, you’ll look great and feel better when you work out consistently.


Having an on-site fitness center is awesome. Instead of driving across North East. MD to get to the gym, you can just stop by the one at our apartment community. Please share a comment about how starting a fitness program has impacted your life!