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Taking Care of Your Car at The Apartments at Charlestown Crossing

The Apartments at Charlestown Crossing Blog, North East, MD  Use our apartment community car wash station this month, and remember these important car care tips as you do.

The Apartments at Charlestown Crossing makes taking care of your vehicle easy: an on-site car wash and vacuuming station means you no longer have to take it in to an expensive car wash service station elsewhere in North East, MD! Clean and take care of your car easily from your apartment by remembering and taking note of these important car washing tips. Plus we have some apps to recommend to make it easier to navigate your travels.


Car Care Tips

  • Clean the outside. Getting your car washed is important to protect the paint and keep your car looking nice. This also keeps windows and windshields clear — there are some spots that even the wipers won’t reach!

  • Speaking of windows, grab some glass cleaning wipes or a spray bottle and a towel. Clean the inside windows, as well as your mirrors. Dust and other debris can build up on windows, which can hinder your sight when driving.

  • Tote out the trash. Get a grocery bag and fill it with all the trash in your car, and dispose of things that you don’t need anymore. Take stray clothes inside. Leave an empty bag in your car to collect other trash.

  • Cut the grime. Use items like toothbrushes and cotton swabs, along with some warm soapy water, to clean out cup holders and other areas where dirt can accumulate. Don’t forget to wipe down the steering wheel!


Be sure to use products that are safe for all surfaces in your car. If you’re unsure, a local auto accessory store or grocery store will have the items you need. Keeping your car clean will make it look and feel newer. Adding air fresheners is also a great touch to keep it smelling clean and fresh.


Helpful Apps



Taking the guesswork out of where to find the best price for gas is what this app delivers. GasBuddy posts local gas prices so you can see at a glance the best place to fill up. It shows what grades are available including diesel. Available for iOS, Android, and Blackberry.



Check out this community-driven navigation map that is more than just navigation. Members provide real-time updates to the maps to indicate traffic jams, road construction, and even gas prices, and it’s not just for major freeways, highways, and arterial streets; even side streets can be included. In the case of heavy traffic and long delays, Waze will reroute you in the most efficient manner. Available for iOS and Android


What other car care and maintenance tips do you think we should all remember? What are your favorite car-related apps? Share your advice, expertise, and wisdom with the rest of the apartment community by leaving a comment! Thanks for reading. Good luck!