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The Ultimate Binge Watchlist


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It’s hot outside in August in Maryland. Maybe too hot. Sometimes getting the energy to go out into the sweltering summer heat of North East can be hard to do. Often it just seems better to stick out your weekend at home here at The Apartments at Charlestown Crossing. Air conditioning, the comfort of your own couch, nonstop access to a cool glass of water… what else can compare? But how do you keep from getting bored when holed up at home? Well, the answer is easy. Streaming and binge-watching some of the best series ever made for television is perhaps the best alternative to getting sticky with sweat as summer begins to wind down.


To help you out with a nice weekend of vegging at home we’ve put together a list of some fantastic shows to watch this month. With the help of Uproxx’s The 50 Best TV Shows on Netflix, here’s a list of some must-see series made for TV!


Mad Men

Mad Men is one of the best-written, best acted, and engrossing dramas on television. Period. The first season is a little slow, but keep with it: Matthew Weiner eventually layers in a lot of fun elements, and takes it home for a great ending.”



“Sherlock is the best iteration of the Sherlock Holmes ever to air on television. The British series from Steven Moffat stars Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, and despite the fact that it has been updated, it brilliantly captures the same spirit of Arthur Conan Doyle’s classic stories. It’s fast-paced, engrossing, brilliantly acted, often very funny, and frequently tragic.”


Orange is the New Black

“The best original show on Netflix, this prison dramedy is a deeply human, funny, moving, realistic, progressive show about life and the bad decisions we’re all destined to make. OITNB humanizes the dehumanized, transforms labels — felons, thieves, murderers, embezzlers — into real human beings and reminds us that, even in prison, life isn’t put on hold. Life is being led. It’s a remarkably excellent series, and addictive as hell.”



“Maybe the bleakest, grittiest cop show you’ll ever see, Luther is so intense it may at times rattle your brain stem. But it is also pummeling great drama, and Idris Elba is a tour de force (Ruth Wilson is fantastic, too).”


What’s your favorite show to binge on at home? Let us know in the comments!